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About Me

I am a writer and educator and speaker. Currently, I am a Guidance Dean at a technology magnet school in Springfield, IL where my husband and I have 6 kids all in their 20s. 

Primarily, I write about my work in education, being an activist online and off, and about race. That third one is the one that makes people the most uncomfortable but they're my experiences and I wouldn't trade what I know about the world for it.

I have written product reviews and used to write daily about my coffee consumption. I have a fondness for the PR marketing folks who actually read my site and don't ask me to try out their latest fat suit or suppositories. I'm not that kind of girl.

My blog won the Iris Award for Most Thought-Provoking Content in 2014 and I was nominated for the Athena Award from the Illinois Women in Leadership. In 2015 I was the recipient of the "I INSPIRE" Award from my local 4-H, an award selected by the students in the program.

In January 2016 I was featured in Teaching Tolerance for their "Down the Hall" edition in a piece titled When Empathy is Paramount. 

I've been on NPR's "Tell Me More" show (which is hosted by Michel Martin) twice. The first segment (Are Marketers Ruining the Blogosphere)  can be found here. The second segment (Moms Tackling Germs) can be found here. The Education Desk at NPR Illinois wrote about me as well.

I have written locally for Capital City Parent in the Fall 2015 edition in a piece titled Teaching Kids About Race

If you want to see some of my favorite posts, go to this entry and click away. Click, click, click.

Bitch Magazine mentioned me in an article one time. I still think that's dope.

I worked as a Content Editor for BlogHer and all of my writing can be found here. I was a co-host for the vlog BackTalk with Erin from Queen of Spain, Chris from Notes from the Trenches, and Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil.

Since I enjoy fashion, beauty, and all things related to hair products BlogHer also let me write for their Fashion & Beauty Hacks column.

Since my day job is as an educator, I like to occasionally write about the teaching profession.

I was in the audience of Oprah at the invitation of her producer who read my blog and she called on me for a question. She pointed at me and said, "Okay, the lady in purple has a comment." Then, I cut her off. I was on a lot of drugs because I got sick the night before and spent the evening in the ER.

I was a guest on Katie Couric with Jenny Lawson, Erin Kotecki Vest, Karen of Worn Off Novelties, and Brené Brown. She gave me a red Valentino dress that I sometimes wear and sit on the front porch while enjoying a microbrew. I really have no where else to wear it.

As a community member, I belong to the Springfield Coalition on Dismantling Racism. 

I am a board member for the Family Service Center.

My husband and I enjoy traveling abroad, cooking and eating at restaurants where we savor the food and company, and doing home projects together where we come out the other side with all our fingers and our sanity.

thanks to Raquita Henderson at It's Intimate for this photograph  

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