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BlogHer '07 in 10 Seconds

*I am having slow server issues so please be patient. Go make a quick snack and check back to read through this post.

We all know that blogging/writing has evolved much in the last few years and I'm no exception to this. When I started writing my Allen series I had no idea where it would go and then I took all that I learned about writing and have decided to get it published in my free time.

That is, for you "free time virgins", the hours between midnight and 6 a.m. I realize that what I've done with that time is look at the back of my eyelids, so I'm not putting pressure on myself to get it done quickly. It will happen.

Beginning to write seriously meant that I had to discipline myself to take the craft to the next level. Honestly, though, I've taught reading and writing for over 13 years at various levels yet I never loved to write until I started Mocha Momma as a personal website. I've toyed with so many options: writing strictly about education, writing about my family and daily happenings, tackling politics and racism and plain old insights about humanity. Most days I can't get that meta because let's face it: meta takes work and I have a family, a full-time job, and school.

Then came the realization that there were other writers that I wanted to read and eventually meet. Most of them, I assumed, didn't know me or my writing and when I got to BlogHer06 last year I found that I was wrong. People knew. They referenced things I had written, wanted to know if my family really was that funny (they're funny? really?) or if the party that was going on in my head really was that fascinating. That's just how this brain works and I can't rewire it now unless I want to get some shock therapy but I don't think that would even be necessary. My brain is WIRED weird.

My point is that it really helped in knowing some things about the women I was going to meet last year at the BlogHer conference, but I was overwhelmed in trying to read everything about them. This year the number of women attending has doubled which means that much more amazing writers will get to mingle and learn from one another. What if I wrote a post that took 10 seconds to read and then you could go on your merry way or click on another attendees blog to read about them in 10 seconds? Wouldn't life be much happier?

That's what I thought.

So steal this button right here, insert it in a post about yourself tomorrow, and write something you want us to know about you that we can read in 10 seconds. It can be a bullet post or a photo essay or a vlog or anything you want. Go crazy, kids.

See you in 10 seconds.

Here is the button you will need. NEED.


Thanks to this great lady at Rocks In My Dryer for designing this button. (And I hope you feel better today!) You can pull it from this link right here, save it to your hard drive, and then plug it into your post. Happy plugging and posting!
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