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Living Below the Line: Day 2

No matter how much I've planned for this, it still gets changed daily. Last night, for instance, I thought we would be eating the quinoa but since I hadn't had enough protein for the day we decided on a different dish. The Cuban not only prepared it for me, but he ate it himself and didn't have anything in front of me that I couldn't eat. When I was finally ready for bed, though, I noticed him heading into the kitchen for some fruit. 

That's when I got jealous. So, SO jealous that I couldn't have sweet, delicious fruit. 

The Cuban is going out of town next month and mentioned that, after having done all the shopping for my Live Below the Line challenge, he will get a daily stipend from work of $25 to eat. 

That's when we were blown away by what seemed decadent. 

Some quick lessons we're learning:

Even though they are fresher, frozen vegetables are far more expensive

We didn't even go near the chicken or beef in the store - that was out of the question

If I wanted oat meal they would be from quick oats, not whole

Bread would have to be store-bought, not baked fresh at home

It's a shame that I can't have baked bread from home this week. It's fresher, has no preservatives, and tastes delicious. 

My friend, Jeannette, showed me the book pictured above (how funny that I photographed it on a pile of BANANAS WHICH I CANNOT HAVE) about nutritional healing and eating well, and as hard as I'm trying I find it impossible. One tip I got that was helpful that I keep telling people about is that if you combine beans and (hopefully) brown rice you form a complete protein which I am missing this week out of my normal diet.

We made a grocery list based on what we thought we could get and The Cuban stuck to that, thinking of ways to make whole meals and provide me with protein choices. Below are is grocery list and later I will share how much each of these cost, how we combined them cost-wise, and what meals we created.



My only options, on this budget, are tuna or hot dogs. (Not even real beef hot dogs, either. BOO.)


Kidney, black and Great Northern and pinto beans, a dozen eggs


Green beans, sweet peas, carrots, sweet potatoes


Whole grain white bread, beef and chicken Ramen (without using the spice packet), Whole kernel corn, Whole potatoes in a can, Elbow macaroni, Penne rigate, Quick oats, White rice, Flour, Oyster crackers 

Corn in a can is THE DEVIL. Normally, I hate it, but I know it will provide sustenance for me this week. I haven't eaten it in about 10 years. 


canned, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, sloppy joe sauce, tomato soup, BBQ sauce (will be super expensive, too)

SEASONING - Bouillon cubes and that's pretty much it. They are cheap and can be used in a lot of ways.


I'm trying to use every platform I have in order to spread the word, so please check out my Babble posts if you're interested. Day 2, here we go!

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Reader Comments (2)

I'm a lurker on your blog, but just wanted to say that I'm inspired by you rising to the challenge. I live in a city that is big on the locavore movement, which I think is great. At the same time, I work with refugee families, and it's a constant reminder that my enormous freedom in food choices is a huge privilege, not available to the majority in my city, much less the wider world.

Thanks for being an inspiration, and sharing. Hope you find some recipes to keep you going!

April 30, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterColleen

Thanks, Colleen! I'm not finding recipes that fit my grocery choices. If I had a full garden I could supplement with healthier choices. It's making me want to grow mine larger.

May 1, 2013 | Registered CommenterMocha Momma

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