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Jay Smooth on Ferguson

I share so many things in one place now that I dont' really have a curated list of smart and intellectual things to share (and Facebook isn't curated, it's just a noisy container where things get lost). I really wanted to share this here because Twitter isn't the place, either. Perhaps Tumblr is, but I'm not good with that. A friend told me to check out Flipboard, but since this space here is mine, too, I'm putting this down.

Some bullet points of the fantastic things he says:

  • Fundamental dangers (a tweet that he actually wrote a long time ago and switched out a name)
  • White Supremacy Groundhog Day
  • "...if you ask me to weigh one against the other we are weighing the destruction of proptery against the loss of a life and if you value some people's property more than the life of a Black child we're not on the same team."
  • he reminds us that one is the by-product of another and to think of the cause
  • a lifetime of neglect and de facto segregation and incompetence and mistreatment by every level of government

He says a lot more and I won't give it all away here. Just watch and think critically. He takes a worldly view of American history and Black Americans that isn't considered enough in conversations about race.


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Reader Comments (2)

What a great commentary.

November 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJohn Stearns

Every time he puts out a new video, I wish all the hateful and clueless people just be calm for 1 hour and sit down in a room with Jay Smooth so he could straighten some things out in their minds.

December 26, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSkye

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