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I'm In a Book!

There's more to it than that and I, too, have spent the last few years working on a book of my own about my time in the education system. It's badly in need of an editor but that's a story for another time. For now, I have to all caps this: I'M IN A BOOK. 

My friend Elisa Camahort Page, along with Jamia Wilson and Carolyn Gerin have written Road Map for Revolutionaries: Resistance, Activism, and Advocacy for All. It's a handbook for effective activism, advocacy, and social justice for people of all ages and backgrounds. Here's more about it:

 "Are you ready to take action and make your voice heard, but don’t know how to go about it? This hands-on, hit-the-ground-running guide delivers lessons on practical tactics for navigating and protecting one’s personal democracy in a gridlocked, heavily surveilled, and politically volatile country. If you want to start making a difference but don’t know what to do next, Road Map for Revolutionaries provides the resources needed to help you feel safer, more empowered, invested in, and intrinsic to the American experiment. The book addresses timely topics such as staying safe at protests, supporting marginalized communities, online privacy, and how to keep up the fight for the long term, breaking down key issues and outlining action steps for local, state, and federal levels of government." 

Did that help? Or do you need a book blurb from Gloria Steinem? OK. HERE YOU GO:

“Road Map for Revolutionaries answers all the questions you were afraid to ask, plus some you never thought of. It’s portable, requires no batteries or electricity, and was created by three smart women. I recommend it!”Gloria Steinem, activist and writer



I've even been granted a pdf version of where she interviews me which you can access here

This Friday and Saturday Elisa and I will be on her book tour in Chicago. On Friday night we'll be on the North side for the release party and then on Saturday come join us at 57th Street Books in Hyde Park. I won't lie: I'm super excited about 57th Street Books because that's where I grew up and young, elementary school Kelly would never believe she's going to be on a book tour at a place she's grown up with and they're calling me an interlocutor which is pretty damn cool. 


Congrats to Elisa and Jamia and Carolyn! I'm really proud to have even been a small part of this book so you can imagine how they feel about seeing it come to fruition. 

You can preorder their book here or visit your local bookstores for your copy. Check out their website for more options to purchase. 

Chicago, come through. I expect to at least see my sisters and family because they HAVE to come. But y'all are invited, too!

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